In a time where 3d printing is everywhere and promises to solve all our problems they are still years away from the ordinary consumer dreams. 3d printing is insufficient in various ways such as:

  • surface finish
  • structural and mechanical properties
  • material variety
  • repetition speed and reliability
  • dimensional accuracy

And these are just some of the most common problems.


So, when all those problems matter for the project, that’s when you start making molds. They have the answer to all the above problems.




This workshop is intended to introduce you to some basic knowledge about moulding and casting techniques. With it you’ll be able to master or at least understand and replicate the following concepts:

  1. workshop equipment
  2. safety!
  3. the Masters
    1. choosing a CAD software
    2. design limitations
    3. CNC machines
    4. raw materials
    5. tools
  4. the Moulds
    1. choosing the right silicone
    2. mixing and pouring the components
    3. vacuum degassing
    4. curing times
  5. Casting parts
    1. material variety
    2. mixing and pouring the components
    3. pressure casting
    4. curing times
    5. demoulding and finishing the final piece




For participating on this course you need to master the following skills:

  • CAD for 3d modelling
  • CAM for 3-axis machine (not mandatory, but recommended)



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